Broadcast in Africa

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 318 – 3 July 2019

Tanzanian Parliament passes a law that will compel international film-makers to have their raw footage vetted by Government…Say what?

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 317 – 18 June 2019

African public broadcasters facing a financial crunch – different circumstances and common threads but a worrying trend

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 316 – 5 June 2019

Surviving and winning as a production company in a small market – Botswana’s Mohau Mannathoko, Industry Media on the impact of DTT channels and Government tenders

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 315 – 23 May 2019

The long and winding road to the DTT switchover in Africa – A tale of two neighbours, Benin and Nigeria, with very different outcomes

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 314 – 7 May 2019

AfricaXP goes all out to beat the market’s pay TV blues by developing its own free-to-air satellite TV platform,

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 313 – 24 April 2019

Ugandan broadcast regulator says it will enforce 70% local content quota by May 2019

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 312 – 9 April 2019

Understanding the impact of social media and online media consumption – new report sheds new light on how traditional broadcast models are being challenged

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 311 – 26 March 2019

KNET’s Richard Hlomador on completing the DTT transition in Ghana and his wider ambitions to roll-out DTT and OTT platforms elsewhere in Africa

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 310 – 14 March 2019

South Africa’s Makhulu Media shoots pioneering VR film to get health clinic workers and young people wanting an HIV test to “step into each other’s shoes”

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 309 – 28 February 2019

New study focuses on how to reach youth through media in Sub-Saharan Africa – what share of the youth market have you got?

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 308 – 15 February 2019

Kenya: #MsPresident Reality TV series gets down to the final 40 – Preparing for a woman President by 2022? 2027?

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 307 – 31 January 2019

Ethiopia - EBS seizes the number one audience position over October-December 2018 according to new research data

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 306 – 18 January 2019

Private competition gathers pace in Cote d’Ivoire with the forthcoming launch of a national Islamic TV station

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 305 – 4 January 2019

Ethiopia’s Kana TV deepens its commitment to local content as media reform increases competition

Seasons Greetings from Balancing Act

Seasons Greetings from Balancing Act

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 303 – 14 December 2018

Ghana: Health channel launches for the middle aged and the old against a backdrop of difficulties in local TV sector

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 302 – 30 November 2018

Azuri Technologies offers solar powered satellite TVs to rural householders - 60 TV and 20 radio channels from Star Times and Zuku

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 301 – 15 November 2018

83 million African households to have access to Digital Terrestrial Television by the end of 2020, but will they actually be consuming it?

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 300 – 2 November 2018

DISCOP Johannesburg 2018: Potential for growth despite strong prevailing headwinds in the broadcast sector

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 299 – 19 October 2018

Multichoice’s Talent Factory Academy opens in Lagos, Lusaka and Nairobi and aims to take 60 chosen film-makers “to the next level”

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 298 – 5 October 2018

Viusasa wants to give Kenyan producers better distribution and is looking for local content

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 297 – 21 September 2018

Ghana – GIBA says StarTimes to get DTT contract, Government denies it but situation as clear as mud

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 296 – 7 September 2018

New sports channel C2TVSPORT launches, promising to help the financial development of sport in DRC

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 295 – 24 August 2018

Cote d’Ivoire’s public broadcaster RTI - Meeting Africa’s digital challenge:” 86% of our content is viewed on a mobile phone”

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 294 – 9 August 2018

The End of Africa’s Mr President TV – Several steps forward and two steps back for the liberalization of the airwaves

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 293 – 27 July 2018

Gambia gets two new TV broadcasters - QTV and Paradise TV with its newly liberalized airwaves and more on the way

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 292 –13 July 2018

Nigeria’s news satire show The Other News hits audiences of 2 million and brings in new types of viewers for Channels TV

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 291 – 29 June 2018

Angola: TV Zimbo’s Serge Kalu on taking on the state-owned TPA – “We pride ourselves on showing more.”

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 290 – 15 June 2018

Pan African TV Channel VoxAfrica has a big hit with The VoiceAfrique and will launch a live streaming channel

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 289 – 1 June 2018

African Pay TV looks set to take a hit from VoD platforms, pressure on DSTV in South Africa from Netflix

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 288 – 18 May 2018

The Digital Revolution: Africa’s Broadcasters need to focus on how to reach their missing audiences

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 287 – 3 May 2018

Gondwana City producer Catherine Guérin talks about comedy feature Welcome to Gondwana, the film’s streaming release and why they’ve given up on mobile

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 286 – 20 April 2018

Innovative new Cameroonian channel CMR7 wants to be a “citizens’ channel” that reaches beyond the elite and focuses on what’s happening in the country

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 285 – 6 April 2018

Mediaworks’ entertainment channel Yanga! takes aim at the African diaspora in the UK

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 284 – 23 March 2018

New International African Francophone Gospel channel to launch shortly

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 283 – 9 March 2018

Cote d’Ivoire: Minister says it will be ready for digital transition well before its June 2020 deadline and liberalization leads to more channels

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 282 - 23 February 2018

Kwese TV takes control of iflix and will use it to drive its mobile roll-outs

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 281 9 February 2018

Mali: TNTSAT Africa gets authorization from media regulator Haut Autorite de Communication to start digital transition

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 280 26 January 2018

Skyrink Studios wants to become South Africa’s first independent black-owned Film and TV studio facilities in Johannesburg

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 279 12 January 2018

Providing African content for in-flight entertainment – John Parr, Global Eagle on what content works and why it does

Broadcast Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings from Balancing Act

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 277 1 December 2017

See Feem’s Enyi Omeruah co-produces new Nollywood comedy and wants to create a fund for a five-film slate

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 276 16 November 2017

African broadcast innovation using apps and social media to engage audiences and monetize online activity

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 275 2 November 2017

DISCOP 2017: Economic pressures are forcing changes on African broadcasters

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 274 20 October 2017

The African broadcaster is dead, long live the African broadcaster – changing to meet the mobile and digital futures

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 273 6 October 2017

Trace TV launches Content Distribution division to promote its Afro-Urban programmes in Africa and elsewhere – Acquiring from external producers

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 272 21 September 2017

Globecast South Africa has created its own VoD platform – Clients use it to create new content business models

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 271 8 September 2017

Francophone Africa still looks to RFI and France 24 remain reference channels, according to Africascope 2016/2017 survey

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 270 – 24 August 2017

New data shows which African countries’ Internet speeds are likely to sustain streaming video services

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 269 – 11 August 2017

Public Vine’s cloud-based software gives creators and broadcasters their own platform to promote their content

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 268 – 28 July 2017

Ghana’s Crystal TV wants to develop a Pan-African, satellite Pay TV platform driven by local premium content

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 267 – 14 July 2017

Senegal: Excaf Telecom’s roll-out of digital coverage and decoders gathers pace across the country

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 266 – 30th June 2017

Ghana’s Multi TV builds a 3 million household market share with its “shrink to grow” channels strategy

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 265 – 15th June 2017

Launch of 1st major international VoD service in Francophone Africa - Canal+ and Orange launch IROKO service in Cameroon and elsewhere

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 264 – 1st June 2017

The Slow But Steady Rise of new African Cinemas – Congo-Brazzaville cinema MTN Movies House triples attendance every 3 month

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 263 – 18th May 2017

Nollywood: Filmhouse follows up biggest grossing film ever with The Wedding Party: Part 2 – Destination Dubai, also five other new films

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 262 – 5th May 2017

Axed MTN VoD supplier Discover Digital launches own independent service in South Africa and seeks other partners across Africa

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 261 – 21st April 2017

Togo’s Yobo Studios pioneers short-format series content for broadcast and online

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 260 – 7 April 2017

Uganda’s Kin Kariisa:” I don’t think 28 channels will survive. People are putting in money without getting a return”.

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 259 – 24 March 2017

Africa Zapping – A pin-sharp Francophone news round-up format crying out for an English-language version

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 258 – 10 March 2017

Kenya: Docubox finds funding in innovative ways for documentaries with character-driven storytelling

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 257 – 24 February 2017

DTT opens up new opportunities for broadcasters in Rwanda: Flash TV’s CEO Louis B. Kimanzi in interview

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 256 – 10 February 2017

Rwanda’s Tele10 remodels its VoD platform as a “white label” for mobile operators with local content

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 255 – 25 January 2017

Azuri Technologies offers solar 24 inch TV to Kenyan rural households and sees “real opportunities” in the other 12 countries it operates in

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 254 - 12 January 2017

Satellite TV winning increasing market share in Ghana and looks set to do the same in Nigeria

Seasons Greetings from Balancing Act - Issue no. 253

Seasons Greetings from Balancing Act - Issue no. 253

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 252 - 2 December 2016

M-KOPA sells 30,000 solar TVs in Kenya and looks to add Internet access – expanding to Uganda and Tanzania

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 251 18 November 2016

The Nigerian who sells Nollywood content to francophone Africa, turns You Tube views into hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 250 4 November 2016

South African start-up uses innovative approach with bitcoin and blockchain to catch the pirates online

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 249 20 October 2016

Mahindra Comviva aggressively pursuing a digital content strategy in Africa with TV content producers, broadcast channels and mobile operators

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 248 7 October 2016

New York’s Power Women Production sells African of the Diaspora to Cameroon’s Canal 2, looking for other African partners

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 2047 23 September 2016

African advertising spend set to grow but broadcast will need to fight hard to retain its share

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 2046 9 September 2016

African talk show The Scoop hits 100 shows but despite good audiences, still needs a sponsor

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 2045 26 August 2016

AREWA24 targets Northern Nigeria’s 80 million consumers with original, local programming – planning private equity raise

Broadcast, Film Convergence in Africa - Issue no 2044 11 August 2016

Francophone Africa will be getting Fibre-To-The-Home Roll-outs – Large Bollore initiative sees light of day

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 2043 28 July 2016

Turner looks to increase local content for Africa and enlarge engagement rolling out its digital strategy

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa – Issue no. 2042 15 July 2016

Digital Lab Africa aims to breed new African TV content designed to work in a digital world.

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa – Issue no. 2041 30 June 2016

StarTimes innovated further for the African audiovisual market: devices, co-productions and studio

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa – Issue no. 2040 17 June 2016

Discop Africa / Abidjan 2016 wrap up - interview with the organizer

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa – Issue no. 2039 2 June 2016

New research shows serious African media deficit exists – the land beyond broadcast and other media

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no 2038 20 May 2016

Africa’s TV and film piracy – Is there a way to bring some of Africa’s pirates in from the cold? (Discop Abidjan)

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa Issue no 2037 May 6 2016

Nigeria’s New Wave broadcasters set a challenge for traditional free-to-air broadcasters

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no 2036 22 April 2016

Twentieth Century Fox Signs Theatrical Distribution Deal with FilmOne for West Africa

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa Issue no. 2035 8 April 2016

BBC Worldwide’s investment in South African production company Rapid Blue – “A focus of theirs is to do more local productions in Africa driven by Africans.”

Broadcast, Film and Convergence Issue No. 2034 25 March 2016

Econet’s soon-to-be Pay TV arm buys Free-To-Air English Premier League rights

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa Issue no 2033 11 March 2016

DTT in Cameroon: CRTV takes the opportunity to reinvent itself with 5 new digital channels

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa Issue no 2032 26 February 2016

African broadcast TV news going online and multi-platform – One broadcasters’ story points the way to the future

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa Issue no 2031 11 February 2016

‘They Will Have To Kill Us First’ Malian Music Documentary Is Headed To U.S. Theaters

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa Issue no 2031 11 February 2016

Ethiopia: Moby Group launches free-to-air satellite station Kana TV in JV with local partners

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa Issue no 2030 28 January 2016

Nigeria: New premium business TV Show On The Money launches on Key TV networks

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa Issue no 2029 15 January 2016

Africa - VoD: 4G -LTE has been launched in 24 countries! And Netflix takes the continent by storm

Issue no. 2028 - 17 December 2015

Broadcast Christmas Message No 2028

Broadcast Issue no. 2027 - 4 December 2015

Nigeria: DTT Process snarled up in legal battle over number of signal carriers

Broadcast Issue no 2026 - 20 November 2015

Tele 10 launches its Watch Africa service in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda with NTT-Docomo’s Net M

Issue no 2025 - 6 November 2015

DISCOP hosts 2,200 registered attendees at its 2015 edition with major announcements – Round-up of news

Issue no. 2024 - 22 October 2015

TV channels strategies in Africa : TV5Monde lays out its stall

Broadcast Issue 2023 9 October 2015

Hong Kong’s PCCW makes its first content play in Africa – enters the South African market

Issue no. 2022 - 25 September 2015

Trace unveils ambitious and innovative plans for 2015/2016

Issue no. 2021 11 September 2015

South Africa’s DTT Transition finally begins to gather some speed – 85% DTT coverage planned, balance by satellite

Issue no 2019 - 13 August 2015

Stories from the Continent: Triggerfish launches Story Lab, an animation competition with US$3.5 million of investment over 3 years

Broadcast, Film, Convergence in Africa – Issue no. 2018 30 July 2015

Ghana: K-Net plans to roll-out DTT infrastructure in 12 months, Government sued by StarTimes for breach of contract

Broadcast, Film, Convergence in Africa - Issue no. 2017 17 July 2015

DStv channel links up with Durban International Film Festival (DIFF) to run a documentary new programme and focus – creating event based content

Issue no. 2016 - 2 July 2015

Global OTT players offer African content producers new distribution opportunities in Europe and the USA

Issue no. 2006 - 19 June 2015

DTT in Africa and meeting the ITU deadline: have governments kept their promises?

Issue no 2005 - 5 June 2015

DISCOP in Abidjan – A successful francophone TV market looks set to take off

Broadcast Issue no. 2004 - 22 May 2015

Inaugural MAAMAs: Reporting on Disasters, Crises and Political Conflict in Africa

Issue no 2003 - 7 May 2015

Highest demand ever for satellite broadcast services in Africa, says Eutelsat’s Christoph Limmer

Issue no 2002 - 24 April 2015

Kid’s learning platform Hopster targets larger African markets in its global launch

Issue no 2001 - 10 April 2015

Mali stands at the threshold of a new more competitive broadcasting sector – Survey results show new competition fault lines

Issue no. 200 27 March 2015

Abidjan to become Francophone TV production Hot Spot as market opens up – BeBlack TV wants to raise profile of African artists

Issue no. 199 12 March 2015

Vice’s African News Coverage offers different ways of explaining things and reaches the digital-savvy younger audience

Issue no 198 - 27 February 2015

Africable announces first hybrid DTT-DTH platform in West Africa

Broadcast Issue no 197 - 12 February 2015

Marie Lora-Mungai and Tendeka Matutu merge their companies to create "Go-To company for African content"

Broadcast Issue 196 - 29 January 2015

AfricaXP partners with Moben International to provide free TV channels through Wi-Fi hot-spots in buildings and taxis

Broadcast Issue 195 - 16 january 2015

Taking control of your TV through a box – African contenders make a play for opening up your TV

Issue no. 194 - Season’s Greetings from Balancing Act’s News Update

Season’s Greetings from Balancing Act’s News Update

Issue no 193 - 5 December 2014

Trace Group will run largest global music talent contest in Africa in partnership with Airtel – Target? Two million entrants

Issue no 192 - 20 November 2014

Startimes ups its game in Africa and pitches a more ambitious vision as the key pay TV challenger while Wananchi keeps its powder dry

Issue no 191 - 7 November 2014

DISCOP Africa, wrap up of the Continent's Largest International TV Content Market

Issue no 190 - 23 October 2014

The future of the TV landscape in Africa

Issue No 189 10 October 2014

A Freeze Frame of African Audiences’ Changing Media Behaviour – the users and what they are doing

Issue no. 188 25 September 2014

Africa’s first sports TV radio station stamps its mark on the Nigeria market and looks at going online

Newsletter Broadcast in Africa - Issue no 187 - 12 September 2014

South Africa: TMG launches VIDI VoD service, looking for extra quality AV content

Issue no. 186 - 29 August 2014

SES to Deliver DTH Broadcast Services Across French Speaking Countries in West Africa - TNTSat Africa

Issue no. 185 14 August 2014

US and Nigerian-backed Aflix VoD service launches with major international content at an affordable price

Issue no. 184 - 31 July 2014

SES launches new digital TV platform for West Africa – Will offer local control and buying space by channel

Issue no. 183 17 July 2014

With 1.3 M. subs. in Africa, Canal+ makes a major push and launches new African channel 'A+'

Issue no. 182 - 3 July 2014

Delivering smart TV solutions on the African continent: Call for partners

Issue no. 181 20 June 2014

Digital Content in Africa: MTN Play Côte d’Ivoire is looking for digital content that will play well on mobile phones

Issue no. 180 5 June 2014

The African marketplace is now worth half a billion US Dollars in annual TV content wholesale sales – double the figure from 2010.

Issue no. 179 15 May 2014

African TV channels: tips for innovative sports TV programmes

Issue no. 178 1st May 2014

Lack of African audience research is holding back TV market

Issue no. 177 - 17 April 2014

Africa: Massive opportunities in the Sports TV sector

Issue no. 176 - 3 April 2014

AfricaXP seeks to create a game changing B2B business model for content trading using cloud delivery

Issue no. 175 13 March 2014

Kenya’s Buni TV launches its Buni+ pay for premium subscription service (VoD)

Issue no. 174 - 27 February 2014

Global Swedish broadcast group MTG looking to expand to more countries in Africa

Issue no. 173 - 13 February 2014

Uganda on the brink of national DTT roll-out after Greater Kampala transmission completed – Funding issues hover

Issue no 172 30 January 2014

2014 Predictions for the African audio-visual and broadcast sectors

Issue no 171 13 January 2014

Viewsat sees a doubling of satellite TV channels in Africa in 2014 with new start-ups and more entertainment channels

Issue no. 169 5 December 2013

AzamTV sets out to become another pan-continental pay TV challenger starting its home market, Tanzania

Issue no. 168 22 November 2013

AfricaCast 2013: The truth that dare not speak its name – Africa’s telco operators may not be ready to launch VoD services

Issue no. 167 7 November 2013

The rise of VoD platforms in Africa – rumours abound of major announcements

Issue no. 166 24 October 2013

Thema starts selling an OTT box to deliver Le Bouquet Africain almost anywhere in European Union

Issue no. 165 10 October 2013

Balancing Act launches a new web TV channel – SmartMonkeyTV .com– out to capture the energy at the crossroads between culture and technology

Issue no 164 27th September 2013

Addressing the training issue for the digital transition in Africa – getting down to the nuts and bolts of what it means for broadcasters

Issue no 163 - 12 September 2013

East Africa: Wananchi to raise up to US$100 million for TV expansion

Issue no. 162 30 August 2013

South African Government announces that it will tackle the monopoly on sports rights – Policy due by March 2014

Issue 161 3 August 2013

Africa’s Youth Boom in Internet Access is driving YouTube use across the continent

Issue no. 160 - 19 July 2013

You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone: Africa needs to do more to preserve its audio-visual heritage

Issue no. 159 4 July 2013

DTT: The Dark cloud hanging over the African TV market

Broadcast Issue no. 158 - 20 June 2013

NollywoodWeek Paris: Nigerian film-makers look to a new opportunity for expansion with francophone audiences of 300 m

Broadcast Issue no. 157 - 30th May 2013

East Africa: Broadcasters prepare to capitalise on the opportunities from the digital transition

Broadcast Issue no 156 - 17th May 2013

Stronger regulation should be the lever to eliminate those TV channels that do not meet high standards from the race, says OIF’s Tidiane Dioh

Issue no 155 Telecoms, Internet and Broadcast in Africa - 2 May 2013

New trends in the African broadcast TV market: A view from Satellite content deliverer SatLink targets broadcasters in Africa with Over-The-Top services and Turnkey Solutions

Issue no. 154 19 April 2013

Gary Rathbone announces new TV sports programmes aimed at African FTA broadcasters

Issue no. 153 4 April 2013

China raises the media flag in Africa with investment in both technology and content with mixed motives

Issue no. 152 21 march 2013

FESPACO: signs 12 contracts and announces YouTube partnership

Issue no 151 7 March 2013

Digital TV deployment with full geographic coverage across Africa will require satellite contribution - Eutelsat a key contributor

Issue No. 150 20 February 2013

VoD provides a major distribution opportunity for African producers, TV channels and'

Issue no 149 7 February 2013 video news agency grows with new clients and a stock of news from all over the African continent

Issue no. 148 24 January 2013

Zuku TV’s original content strategy starts to pay off with a deal on the Tales from the Bush Larder series with Fox International

Issue no. 147 10 January 2013

Amos-Spacecom look set to become the challenger in the African satellite broadcast market

Issue no 146 19 December 2012

Seasons Greetings to our Readers, Clients and Advertisers

Issue no 144 6 December 2012

African broadcasters : Rapid Blue can help you fund better productions

Issue no. 143 22 November 2012

Pace of VOD launches gathers speed in the wake of iROKO – launches in South Africa

Issue no. 142 8 November 2012

DISCOP Africa 2012 round-up: African content busy being born in hybrid forms

Issue no 141 25 October 2012

Discop: Africa’s largest video news agency AFP now has the capability to offer SMS news services to the continent’s broadcasters and telcos

Issue no. 140 11 October 2012

Thema TV launches a new TV channel from Nigeria: 'Nollywood TV' for French-speaking territories

Issue no 139 27 September 2012

Filme aus Afrika: FilmInitiativ's initiative to increase the distribution of African audio-visual productions

Issue no. 138 12th September 2012

Nigeria: Iman Entertainment launches the country’s first proper national distribution system for film and music CDs

Issue no. 137 29 August 2012

FrontlineSMS bring a free, innovative solution to African broadcasters

Issue no 136 16 August 2012

NHU Africa’s Christopher Mason on growing the wildlife and natural history programme genre

Issue no 135; 31 July 2012

BFMA Wrap up (2/2): challenges and opportunities in the African audiovisual content and broadcast markets

Issue no 134 19 July 2012

BFMA Wrap up: a much larger role for African producers and broadcasters in the future

Issue no. 133 4th July 2012

Eutelsat lines to provide the elusive holy grail of African Pay TV growth, Triple Play with its IP Easy product

Issue no. 132 21 June 2012

Orange’s music streaming service Deezer enters Africa’s burgeoning music platform market – TV programmes to follow?

Issue no 131 7 June 2012

South Africa’s VOD service targets a pan-continental audience with anything but Nollywood

Issue no. 130 23 May 2012

Broadcast, Film and Music Africa: Stronger partnerships needed between broadcasters and telcos to stay competitive

Issue no. 129 10 May 2012

Buni TV: a new VoD platform for African independent producers

Issue no. 128 26 April 2012

One of South Africa's top three production houses opens office in Los Angeles

Issue no 127 12 April 2012

Nollywood film producers caught in a squeeze – FVPMAN points the blame at Africa Magic

Issue no. 126 29 March 2012

African Football Factory seeks to open up the broadcast sports space beyond the boundaries of the big players

Issue no. 125 15 March 2012

Getting African films seen by school-children - Africa in Motion on a Scottish Tour

Issue no. 124 1 March 2012

Cote Ouest brings Brazilian magic football to Africa – Brasileirao and Paulista available with magazine packages in English and French

Issue No. 123 16 February 2012

It’s a monster….Africa’s broadcasting growth tracked in a new 500+ page report released this week

Issue no. 122 - 2 February 2012

Africa starts crowdsourcing finance for films – maybe local TV programmes should follow

Issue no 121 - 20 January 2012

Broadcast audiences – Africa’s blissful ignorance holds back industry development in most of the continent

Issue No. 120 5 January 2012

Open or closed broadcasting markets: will all of Africa step up to the plate in 2012?

Christmas Issue - 3 January 2012

Seasons Greetings from Balancing Act's Broadcast, Film and Convergence

Christmas Issue - 3 January 2012

Order a Report and Contact Us

Issue no. 119 8 December 2011

Trace Africa will raise the profile of African music and company set to launch local FM radio stations soon

Issue No. 118 24 November 2011

A new hybrid digital TV model in East Africa – Burundi’s Tele10 looks to roll-out in Kenya and Uganda with IPTV and VoD

Issue no. 117 - 8 November 2011

Diasporas represent big opportunity for African TV broadcasters and film-makers

Issue no. 116 - 27 October 2011

Live streaming opens up new avenues for African broadcasters as the Internet access landscape improves

Issue no. 115 - 13 October 2011

African release of Viva Riva! May be the first sign that African film is in reset mode for a more commercial future

Issue no. 114; 29 September 2011

Arab Spring prompts a new wave of Free-To-Air licence liberalisation in North Africa but still a hard core of “hold-outs” in Sub-Saharan Africa

Issue no. 113; 15 September 2011

Comedy special: Programme makers in search of Africa’s funny bone

Issue No 112, 31 August 2011

Iroko Partners finds a You Tube business model selling Nollywood and is set to move into music video sales

Issue no. 111; 16 August 2011

Sweden’s Pay TV operator NGB pulls out of Africa for other markets, selling companies in Kenya and Uganda

Issue no. 110 4 August 2011

China’s Star Times wins UEFA 2012-2015 free-to-air media rights for sub-Saharan Africa

Issue no. 109 21 July 2011

Three year old TV content market DISCOP back in Nairobi in September plus African Sports Rights Market

Issue no. 108 - 7 July 2011

Africa’s bumpy road to the digital transition in broadcasting – issues that have to be faced

Broadcast, Film and Convergence in Africa - Issue no 107 23 June 2011

Broadcast and Film Africa Conference will look at how to build “a world class electronic media industry in Africa’

Issue no 106 9 June 2011

Satellite companies pitch DTH as a solution to meeting the digital broadcast transition deadline

Issue no. 105, 26 May 2011

New TV formats for Africa looking for sponsors

Issue no. 104, 12 May 2011

General Satellite Corporation ready to put money on table for DTH TV in Africa...right time, right place

Issue no 103 - 28th April 2011

Ghana’s Adam’s Apples launches an innovative ten-part film series that will be distributed to cinemas with a special anti-piracy lock

Issue no 102, 14th April 2011 launches in June 2011 with 500 VoD titles on non-exclusive basis

Issue no 101 31st March 2011

Delivering African TV content in a multi-platform world – the choices broadcasters face

Issue no 100 - 15th March 2011

Gabonese Free-To-Air and Pay TV operator using DTT wants to expand across Africa, searching partners

Issue no 99 - 2nd March 2011

Nollywood’s The Mirror Boy gets a West End Premiere in UK and looks set to get theatrical release in Q2, 2011

Issue no 98 - 17 February 2011

Discop Africa: Seen and heard in Accra – Things coming up from below the radar

Issue No 97 3 February 2011

The challenges for Africa’s film industry – getting financially sustainable as all about changes

Issue No 96 20 January 2011

There is life after football – CAfrica rolls out the NBA across the continent

Issue no 95 7 January 2011

Uganda: Jacaranda Digital Broadcasting will invest US$2.5 million in digital transmission network; phase one goes live in February 2011

Issue no 94 7 December 2010

TV5 Monde Afrique to set up a second satellite signal and terrestrial signals in Togo and Ghana for 2011

Issue Number 93, 23 Nov. 2010.

Thema’s Bouquet Africain will hit 100,000 subscribers by year end

Issue Number 92, 9 Nov. 2010

New reports highlight broadcast and ad revenue revolution in Africa

Issue Number 91 - 26 Oct 2010

Nigeria’s Cinemart sets out to conquer the continent with a new business model for cinemas

Issue 90, 12th. Oct 2010.

Kenya's political satire show XYZ gets funding in the bag for two more seasons

89 - 30 September 2010

Long-awaited Free2View to launch over West Africa in “next few weeks” and on IS17 in February 2011

88 - 16 September 2010

With the digital transition coming, Africa needs a manifesto for change in its public broadcasting

87- 2 September 2010

Ultima Studios fire underlines need for back-up plan but do African producers save copies of their work?

Issue 86, 18 August 2010

African rights holders and broadcasters set to launch Africa Rights Watch to combat piracy by broadcasters themselves

85 - 4th Aug 2010.

The art of being different: Africa’s broadcasters seek to differentiate themselves in crowded markets

84 - 20 July 2010

Over half of African countries are likely to fail to meet the 2015 deadline for the transition to digital broadcasting

Issue no 83 7 July 2010

Zambia’s Breeze 89.3FM becomes a key regional player, mixing vernacular and English

Issue no 82 23 June 2010

2nd African Broadcast and Film Conference will look at new challengers in the market and how Africa can generate its own local content

Issue no 81 10 June 2010

The Long Road to the World Cup: South Africa finally takes centre stage in the media spotlight

Issue no 80 27 May 2010

Sweden’s NGB takes the DTT route into both FTA and Pay TV content

Issue no 59 24 July 2009

Setanta Africa pioneers Free To Air sports television

Issue no 59 24 July 2009

Sports TV Uganda seizes a significant chunk of audience thirsty for sports coverage

Issue no 79 14 May 2010

Radio and TV stations using SMS messaging to raise money and generate interactivity

Issue no 78 23 April 2010

My TV looks set to provide a regional challenge in the African Pay TV market

Issue no 77 09 April 2010

IDmage offers African film-makers distribution via VOD and pre-paid mobile cinemas

Issue no 76 26 March 2010

With the opening of three new production studios, will Nigeria generate a production ecology with real pulling power?

Issue no 75 12 March 2010

Kenya: New survey results show Citizen challenging KBC’s dominant position in rural areas

Issue no 74 25 February 2010

Nigeria: Galaxy’s veteran broadcaster Steve Ojo to launch national Free-To-Air channel with China’s Star TV

Issue no 73 11 February 2010

Producing global TV formats in Nigeria and South Africa – working to a different business model

Issue no 72 28 January 2010

Kenya: Internet is creeping up on television for key 18-24 demographic, says new national survey

Issue no 46 22 January 2009

DISCOP launches Africa’s first fully-fledged media market in Dakar in February and will offer second event in Nairobi in September

Issue no 71 14 January 2010

The Africa Cup of Nations – Biennial rights farce plays 27th time as LC2-AFNEX practices daylight robbery

Issue no 70 7th January 2010

ZEM: Canal Overseas Africa co-produces new series made in Togo

Issue no 69 10th December 2009

Kenya’s Habari TV to offer streamed online news from TV stations across Africa

Issue no 68 26 November 2009

Uganda runs DTT pilot and plans to go digital by 2012 but private sector argues for separate signal carrier

Issue no 67 12th November 2009

Ochre’s niche channel Saffron TV targets South Africa’s Indian community

Issue no 66 28th October 2009

Kenya’s Freeview looks for a new business model in the digital future

Issue no 65 14th October 2009

Thema launches VOD service for the African diaspora in France

Issue no 64 30th September 2009

Tinga, Tinga: Africa’s first major animation series production set for release in 2010

Issue no 63 16th September 2009

Internet takes centre stage for African broadcasters : News channels, feeds, distribution and downloads

Issue no 62 2 September 2009

Kenya’s Media Nation Group tackles changing landscape with a multi-platform strategy

Issue no 61 19 August 2009

Surviving in a small market: Gambia’s Unique FM innovates by offering reality radio

Issue no 60 5 August 2009

Kenya’s Kiss FM goes into TV with new Kiss TV channel

Issue no 58 10 July 2009

Mozambique: Private TV stations battle it out with state-run TVM

Issue no 57 26 June 2009

Cinetoile promotes African cinema to create new audiences and business models

Issue no 56 12 June 2009

Uganda - Tough fight amongst top three broadcasters but digitalisation just over the horizon

Issue no 55 29 May 2009

Senegal : Newly liberalised private TV and radio channels winning hands-down in the battle for audiences

Issue no 54 15 May 2009

Fight the power : African Pay-TV channels come together to bid for Premier League rights

Issue no 53 30 April 2009

Africa comes to France - New TV bouquets targeted at diaspora

Issue no 52 16 April 2009

M-Net amasses library of 450 plus African films and is launching a VOD streaming service

Issue no 51 2 April 2009

Ghana’s VTT Satellite’s Make Me A Success completes production and looks for broadcast partners

Issue no 50 19 March 2009

African media fragmentation piles the pressure on radio and TV stations as they scramble for audiences

Issue no 49 5 March 2009

DISCOP: Africa’s first media market attracts over 400 people to Dakar for three day meeting-fest

Issue no 48 19 February 2009

The Africa Channel now reaches 12 million households in USA, UK and Caribbean

Issue no 47 5 February 2009

Death of a dream: Africa’s pay TV challenger GTV runs out of financial road

Issue no 45 8 January 2009

Ethiopia liberalises radio and television may follow, supports thriving local film culture

Issue no 44 11 December 2008

African public broadcasting – Going from nothing to something in a converged world

Issue no 43 27 November 2008

Returned Nigerian Film-maker wants to produce “Oscar-winning industry” through African Roving Film School and own productions

Issue no 42 13 November 2008

Senegal’s Excaf-Télécom and Delta Net TV mount legal competition challenge against Canal Plus

Issue no 41 30 October 2008

75% of radio stations in West African survey produce digitally, says new report

Issue no 40 16 October 2008

Broadcast content distribution goes digital: Welcome to the world of A24 Media and Freedom Fone

Issue no 39 2 October 2008

Conference special – Broadcasters grapple with how to create local content that travels well

Issue no 37 4 September 2008

New broadcast TV companies set to enter Nigeria’s cauldron of competition in Lagos

Issue no 38 28 September 2008

Wananchi to launch Triple Play in Kenya and Tanzania with US$100 plus investment in HFC networks

Issue no 36 21 August 2008

Television liberalisation makes further inroads into francophone Africa

Issue no 35 7 August 2008

Africa’s First Broadcast, Film and Convergence Conference to be sponsored by Al-Jazeera and Wananchi

Issue no 34 24 July 2008

Better security systems and competitive pricing undercut pirate Pay-TV hackers

Issue no 33 10 July 2008

Africa’s broadcasters face ad recession but mobiles may be the silver lining

Issue no 32 26 June 2008

African Pay TV waiting for its pre-pay breakthrough moment

Issue no 31 12 June 2008

As competition for audiences becomes more intense, First African Broadcast, Film and Convergence conference seeks to tackle key issues

Issue no 30 29 May 2008

TV programme rights “lockdown” – lack of competition stifles growth

Issue no 29 15 May 2008

Ghana: Metro TV’s CEO Tallal Fattal on reality show Football Academy and launching new DTT channel

Issue no 26 4 April 2008

CNBC extends its reach across the continent with terrestrial and non-terrestrial deals

Issue no 28 1 May 2008

Cinema: The rise of video booths shows there is an untapped audience out there at the right price

Issue no 27 18 April 2008

Mauritius – Fierce competition between radio stations but only state television

Issue no 27 18 April 2008

Reader’s response - South Africa: State Gets Behind Local TV and Film Industry with tax incentives package

Issue no 25 21 March 2008

Endemol’s Sivan Pillay on local production skills, mobile TV and that Big Brother download controversy in Nigeria

Issue no 25 21 March 2008

Reader’s response:

Issue no 24 7 March 2008

Rapid increase in the number of radio and TV channels in Africa, says new report

Issue no 23 22 February 2008

Botswana to up TV and radio coverage to 97+% of population, Namibia may follow

Issue no 22 8 February 2008

Multichoice Africa’s CEO Eben Greyling looks to 20-30% growth over “the next couple of years”

Issue no 21 25 January 2008

Mobile TV goes off in search of audiences as roll-outs increase across the continent

Issue no 20 11 January 2008

Africa’s “nanny-state” seeks to restrict discussions on radio call-in shows

Issue no 19 14 December 2007

Executive Group International and Storm to start shooting Africa's version of The Apprentice in January

Issue no 18 26 November 2007

Mobile cinema revival reaches the parts where cinemas don’t exist

Issue no 17 12 November 2007

Africa’s digital switchover – nothing much happening except a handful of pioneers

Issue no 16 29 October 2007

MTV Networks Africa launches events to “up the game” of video makers

Issue no 15 15 October 2007

African broadcasting freedom of expression: the strange case of the dog that didn't bark

Issue no 14 land?(1 October 2007

African IP-TV – Will the pioneers get the arrows or the land?

Issue no 13 happen(17 September 2007

Nollywood the movie – How the money makes it happen

Issue no 12 beginning(3 September 2007

Africa: The race to liberalise broadcast markets is just beginning

Issue no 7 27 June 2007

France: First African film entries in mobile film festival

Issue no 11 it(20 August 2007

Almost African independents day - It's not what you do but the way that you do it

Issue no 9 25 July 2007

Sofitel Capital puts up US$60m loan for Foisi Broadcasting Network’s free-to-air, ad-financed channel

Issue no 8 11 July 2007

New African-owned UK and US TV channels target diaspora Africans with IP-TV

Issue no 6 13 June 2007

African 24 hour TV news channel project to start investor fundraising

Issue no 5 30 May 2007

GTV Scoops Premiership Rights for Sub-Saharan Africa

Issue no 4 16 May 2007

Rwanda Television wants to build up its local content output

Issue no 3 2 May 2007

Liberia: End of civil war has changed media landscape forever

Issue no 2 doldrums (Pilot issue

Digital cinema has the potential to take Africa’s under-invested film exhibitors out of the doldrums

Issue no 1 Time (Demo issue

NTV Uganda Shut Down a Second Time