Egypt: Vodafone launching mobile TV in Egypt

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The Mobile TV content supplier, Kamera says that it has signed an agreement with Vodafone Egypt, to offer a host of its mobile TV channels, as well as distributing a variety of third party channels, to Vodafone customers in Egypt. Starting Spring 2007, Vodafone Egypt is launching a range of rich media services, for its 3G customers.

Kamera, one of the first channel providers in the network, is providing a host of channels tailored to the local Arabic market, including an Arabic-speaking news channel ShortCut, the sport channel SportCall and the entertainment channel WOW! TV. The content agreement also includes highlights from the upcoming Qualifications to the EURO 2008 football championship.

Henrik Eklund, CEO of Kamera, said, "We're delighted to have signed this deal with Vodafone Egypt. The mobile phone usage in the pan-Arabic region is booming and we look forward to bringing quality content to Vodafone's customers."

In addition to providing its own channels, Kamera's Egyptian subsidiary SweGypt will facilitate the distribution of third party channels to Vodafone's customers. This includes encoding of all video live and near live channels for third parties, editing of third party content and TV portal management.

Kamera currently has a distribution agreement with the Associated Press news agency.


High Speed Access Technologies Conference

19-21 June 2007, Gallagher Estate, Johannesburg, South Africa

IQPC's 2nd Annual High Speed Access Technologies conference is perfectly positioned giving you answers at a critical time offering an objective platform for you to hear case studies on current obstacles and successes of Broadband. You will also be able to join us for a Site Visit To the Eskom Test Site. This site visit will show you what progress has been made over the past few years and what MainNet is doing to promote broadband over Power Lines.

§ Namibia Media Awards: June 30th 2007

• Jose Luis Pascoal, cameraman for TPA (Public Television of Angola) was murdered on 22nd April 2007.

• Robert L Johnson, the founder, chairman and CEO of Black Entertainment Television (BET) visited Liberia’s capital Monrovia last week to launch a $30 million investment fund for the country. He brought with him an entourage of famous Black American stars including Michael Jordan and Cicely Tyson, taking over a large part of Monrovia’s top hotel, the Mambo Point.

• Uganda’s Dr. Nsaba Buturo, the ethics and integrity minister, who is also the MP for Bufumbira East, in Kisoro district, is opening up a radio station in his constituency. Local press reports say he is planning to employ a female journalism graduate from Makerere who did her internship at Sanyu FM. She is currently learning more about up country programming at Voice of Kigezi. Hope Mwesigye, the local government state minister and woman representative for Kabale district, is also rumoured to be opening her own station in Kabale soon.

• Kajairo of Kenya’s Kiss FM was named Radio Personality of the Year at the CHAT awards. Delays at the event resulted in angry crowds demanding their money back caused by the non-arrival of the events celebrities.

Issue 1: Digital cinema has the potential to take Africa’s under-invested film exhibitors out of the doldrums

I spent a number of years in the industry of digital distribution of media to broadcast TV stations. A company in Atlanta (Pathfire: provides IP based satellite distribution of short and long form content to something like 1200 stations in the US now. I did see they had ramped up the system to support HD distribution as well as workflow integration of the digital content into the station editing and to-air equipment.

I hadn't spent a lot of time thinking about media distribution in Africa, but it certainly makes sense as the physical distribution of goods is certainly a challenge and an expense. I also like the reduction in mechanical components, the ability to change what airs, etc. as valuable qualities in this situation.

The intellectual property rights and business models seem to be evolving, but not sure how this fits into the models in Africa. Take the move in digital music to remove DRM as one point. Another one which I recently learned about is the Creative Commons for Developing Nations ( An author I recently picked up has a very enlightened perspective on e- books and digital media (he in fact releases it in one format and let's his readers reformat it and he posts the new version --

Anyway, I'm wondering how the media business models need to move in Africa -- I hate to see people put their content back on shelves where it does nobody any good...and I agree that DRM is not the answer.

Kipp Jones, USA

Project title: Broadcasting Frequency Planning and Associative Technical Activities of the Sector (Ethiopia)

Application deadline: As soon as possible and at the latest 4th May 2007

Contract duration: Short term

Company: Danish Management A/S ( for the RICTSP/COMESA (and for this specific assignment IGAD).

General information:

The objective: The overall objective is to plan the frequency of the broadcasting service to a well designed, interference free and adequate for the current and future needs of the national and regional broadcasting services - with the coordination of neighbouring countries' broadcasting frequencies planning and other required broadcasting technical activities under international telecommunication union (ITU) rules and regulations.

Scope of work:

* Estimating the necessary broadcasting power for national & regional coverage.

* Justify the required bandwidth and channel spacing for frequency planning

* Coordination of new plans with the earlier plans.

* Coordination of new plans with the existing operational services

* Coordination of plans with ITU rules and regulation.

* Coordination of broadcasting activities with neighbouring countries.

* Developing the necessary software for frequency management.

* Designing technical standards on broadcasting equipments


* The country will have well planned radio and television frequencies so that interference free national and regional broadcasting service will be established.

* Facilitates the regulator for easy frequency assignments for new broadcasters.

* The frequency planning production team of EBA will get good experience in planning and managing of broadcast frequencies of the country.

* The regulators will have standard guide line of broadcasting services for both radio and television. The consultant will prepare:

- standards of broadcast equipment

- technical inspection manual

- transmission standards

* The country will have interference free broadcasting services that consider neighbouring country and ITU rules and regulations.

* The expert will produce draft reports and conduct a de-briefing of findings for stakeholders in beneficiary countries, via meetings / workshops, and to ICT Coordinator and relevant RIO staff

* The Expert will submit a final report not later than 2 (two) weeks after the completion of the mission. The report should be written in English or French.

Total amount of man-days: 80 man-days of total input

Regions/Countries to visit: Ethiopia and Djibouti

Estimated contract start: As soon as possible.

Profiles of the Experts:

Qualifications: The Expert will possess a Masters University degree in Communication and Broadcasting Engineering or similar relevant degree.

Skills and Specialism: The Expert must have experience in radio frequency planning of Radio & TV broadcasting services and have familiarity working with Government agencies, broadcasting agencies and/or broadcasting regulators.

Experience: The Expert must have at least 6-8 years of progressive working experience in the Radio and TV broadcasting services.

Language: The expert will have an excellent command of English with good report writing skills. Knowledge of French will be an added advantage.

Eligibility (who can apply?): EU citizens and citizens from: Angola, Burundi, DR Congo, Malawi, Rwanda, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Sudan AND citizens of the ACP member states:

If you find the position of interest and, please contact us immediately and send us a short professional presentation of yourself and an updated CV with relevant similar experience (stating your age, nationality, languages spoken, education and exactly in what you are an expert). Send your application to: NB: Only shortlisted candidates will receive notice.

Contact person:

Jane Moeller Larsen
Danish Management A/S
Margretheholmsvej 2
1432 Copenhagen, Denmark
Phone: +45 70 200 298
Direct: +45 35 250 655