Zimbabwe: ZBC in Hola Africa Initiative


Zimbabwe Broadcasting Services -- radio and television -- are together with 40 other broadcasters drawn from more than 30 countries participating in the Hola Africa Initiative to combat HIV and Aids. The initiative, that is being organised by the African Broadcast Media Partnership (ABMP) Against HIV/Aids, gives young Zimbabweans who are innovative, creative and trend-setters and who believe in contributing their ideas on how to create an Aids-free generation a chance to participate in the continental television reality show. South Africa will host the show, which will be broadcast throughout the continent in December. Young people aged between 18 and 25 years take part in the event.

Among the qualities expected in deciding on the finalists are leadership, responsibility, high self-esteem, critical thinking, optimism and demonstrated achievements. Those who have already succeeded in overcoming the odds stacked against them, whether these be in overcoming social and economic conditions, the trauma of abuse or the difficulties that may arise from HIV or Aids, have a particularly good chance of making it to the finalists.

The eventual winner of the reality show will visit other African countries to share his or her ideas on how to create an Aids-free generation. He or she will become a broadcasting celebrity in the fight against Aids.

The Herald Harare, 22 June 2007