Kenya: GTV Launches in Nairobi Promising Value, Quality


Pay Television channel, GTV, has launched its services in Nairobi. It announced that they would show live broadcasts of between 296 and 313 Barclaycard Premier League matches, including those that will determine winners of the League. These matches will form 80 per cent package they won in the bid for the lucrative Premier League, which is arguably the most popular foreign league in Kenya. The other pay-television channel, Multichoice, will show 20 per cent of the league.

GTV will also carry live broadcasts matches that will determine qualifiers for European Champions League, Uefa Cup and matches that will determine relegation or avoidance of relegation. Others are eight matches on the final day of the season. GTV said the Premiership is expected to select all of the decisive matches. The Premier League kicks of on August 11. It will also offer Serie A matches involving top 10 Italian clubs.

GTV is making entry in the region against the backdrop of low penetration of pay TV in the region. Estimates indicate that Africa has only one per cent of pay TV subscribers as opposed to 93 per cent in North America and 36 per cent in Western Europe. Although MultiChoice has been in Kenya for close to 12 years, it is yet to make significant inroads among the low-income earners. But they will show over 800 matches in Europe and South America.

East African Standard Nairobi, 21 June 2007