Sierra Leone: Friends of the Earth to Open Radio Station Soon


Executive Director of Friends of the Earth, Olatunde Johnson last week told Concord Times that his organization will be opening a new radio station later this year. He said the purpose of the radio station is to educate people about environmental and agricultural activities among other things. "Looking at the rate of illiteracy in the country, people love to listen to radio more than reading newspapers," he said. He said the station will help people get the correct information about what is happening in their communities.

Johnson noted that all the equipment to run the radio station is available and that the land on which they will be constructing the building was leased to them by the Ministry of Lands and the Environment. He disclosed that the project for the radio station is being funded by Farm Radio in Canada. "At the moment we find it difficult to partner with the government because of financial problems," Johnson disclosed, adding that most of their funding come from Friends of the Earth International.

Concord Times Freetown, 19 June 2007