Congo: Local ANR Officials Close Mayi-Munene Radio Station, Confiscate Equipment

Regulation & Policy

JED condemns the closing of a community radio station emitting in Mayi-Munene, near Tshikapa, in central RD Congo, and the confiscation of its equipment, by local officials of the National Intelligence Agency (ANR) on 9 June 2007.

JED has accused Ibrahim Tutulu and Gustave Amuri, the ANR officials who blame the station for "poisoning the population" and "functioning without the ANR's approval," of abuse of power. In fact, a 22 June 1996 law, laying down the rules for freedom of the press in DR Congo, does not refer to the ANR as having any kind of authority over the opening of a media outlet. As for "the poisoning of the population", JED notes that, once again, the ANR is involving itself in matters that are beyond its authority. The organisation recalls that such matters fall under the jurisdiction of the authority regulating media in the DRC (HAM).

(Journaliste En Danger (Kinshasa), 18 June 2007)