Kenya: Lola Kenya Screen


Lola Kenya Screen is an audiovisual media movement that seeks to place audiovisual media production tools in the hands of children and youth for the advancement of literacy, gender equity, self expression, and democracy in their world. Lola Kenya Screen comprises a production workshop, film exhibition, and audiovisual media platform for marketing, promoting and distributing films all rolled into one. Lola Kenya Screen believe that the comprehension of moving images is a basic skill on a par with what education experts refer to as the 3 Rs—Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic—that contribute to development of societies and nations. Lola Kenya Screen equips children and youth with the skills to understand, appreciate, and create quality audiovisual productions in particular and art in general.

The production workshops through which it makes the films are held during the annual Lola Kenya Screen in Nairobi. Last year participants made not five but NINE award-winning short animation films. In 2007 it hopes to produce at least TEN shorts that we will then market across the globe. The shorts are made by the filmmakers of today and tomorrow—CHILDREN—and not those of yesterday (Adults!). In future it plans to hold workshops around Kenya, and eastern Africa.