Namibia: Edutainment Business Pact Signed


The Win-Win-Group, Namibia's first Marketing, Communication and Learning Consultancy, is pleased to announce that, as part of their vision to change the hearts and minds of Namibians, a smart-partnership agreement has been signed between itself and Zula Entertainment.

At the signing ceremony in Windhoek, Ulrich Hanstein, the Win-Win-Group director: Client Service and New Business, said: "The signing of this agreement is significant in that it shows the group's commitment to identify and embrace partnerships with credible Namibian businesses and business persons who have the necessary skills and talents to support our staff complement of 17 people".

He added: "Together with the other directors of the group, we are pleased that the management of Zula Entertainment and their Executive chairman, Penda Hangala, is committed to the group and acknowledges our vision to change the way corporate companies and businesses advertise and market their products and services in Namibia".

"We are already entrenched in the various regions of Namibia through our school activities, through this smart-partnership agreement. With the assistance of the group, we will be able to elevate our activities which will allow us to further showcase Namibian business by adding value to their bottom lines, develop people and uplift communities," said Penda.

Zula Entertainment is a management and promotions company with vast experience in the organizing and overseeing of dance and musical shows, fashion shows and various other related production activities, including television and radio.

(New Era (Windhoek), 29 June 2007)