Kenya: Standard, SABC in Joint Venture


The Standard Group Limited has entered into negotiations with a leading African media company, South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), for a strategic partnership. On Friday, SABC Managing Director Dr Snuki Zikalala met with The Standard Group Chief Operating Officer, Paul Wanyagah at the KTN offices in Nairobi.

The Group's Editorial Director, Kwendo Opanga and KTN's Managing Editor, Katua Nzile, attended the discussions. Zikalala said his organisation was in the process of rolling out a Pan African News channel, which will reduce over reliance on major international news organisations that depended on parachute journalism.

"Africa has been portrayed as a dark continent that is plagued by war and disasters. We want to be an alternative voice," said Zikalala. He pointed out that some of the media organisations have distorted Africa's image and filed stories from countries where they had no reporters. "We are better-placed to cover Zimbabwe than CNN or BBC who have no journalists there. It is time Africa shed off the colonial mentality of over dependence on foreigners for news," he said. The new channel, whose testing starts today, targets four million viewers across the continent and will open bureaux in Africa and in the Diaspora.

(East African Standard (Nairobi), 7 July 2007)