Namibia: Gender Violence Campaign Goes Multimedia


The Desert Soul project of the Namibian Red Cross Society has launched a booklet titled 'Stop The Abuse Against Women' and its second educational television series for children. The booklet is printed in English, Afrikaans, Oshiwambo, Silozi and Otjiherero, with a print run of 600 000, and it will be distributed in clinics, hospitals, youth centres and Police stations. The booklet is aimed at educating Namibian society about the different forms of abuse, what to do when you are abused, and the places to go to for help.

The TV series consists of 26 episodes with a primary target of children between eight and 18 years old. It addresses health issues such as HIV care and social issues such as child-headed households, children's rights to education and xenophobia.

Desert Soul is a health and development communication programme resulting from a partnership entered into in 2002 between the Namibia Red Cross and Soul City, a South African NGO. The objective of this partnership is to produce health communication materials.

The Namibian Windhoek, 10th May 2007