Nigeria: FBN to Transmit Afro-Centric Programmes


Foisi Broadcasting Network (FBN) has been granted the broadcast licence to transmit afro-centric programming from Nigeria to the rest of Africa.

The essence of FBN's offering according to a statement is in the arena of broadcasting, production and distribution. The firm also plans to establish Africa's first inter-continental television network.

The core business includes commercial Radio and Television Network broadcasting and Internet Services. The flagship event that will mark the official opening of FBN's operations will be the formal launch in the United States.

Executive Vice President Administration, Mrs H. O Adasi, the company said: "We are very excited about the prospects of starting off a truly global-rated intercontinental broadcast network that will present Africa to the rest of the world. We are even more pleased that this has received enthusiastic support of key stakeholders in Nigeria and other key African states".

Foisi Broadcasting Network is the initiative of Nigerian-born international business man, Dr Aaron F.Nmungwun, who is the Founder, Chairman and CEO. Also on the board are other eminent Africans, including the famous Professor Ali Mazrui.

The event will have in attendance major stakeholders from the Media, Government and Business from across Africa and the Diaspora. Notable personalities expected to be in attendance are His Excellency, President Musa Yar'adua of Nigeria the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa, among others.

FBN is expected to produce, co-produce, acquire and distribute television programming specifically intended for the diverse African and foreign viewing markets. Through sophisticated satellite telecommunications, FBN according to the statement, will broadcast entertainment, news, business, cultural and educational programming to the world's fastest growing market for broadcast television. The station will also provide companies in Africa with a medium to advertise and promote their products and services efficiently and cost effectively too. Go live date is planned for quarter three of 2008. A full broadcast facility is also being built in Abuja , Nigeria 's Federal Capital Territory .

FBN is said to have received enthusiastic support from various key facilitators such as Sofitel Capital Corporation of USA Inc, the American Exim Bank and Nigeria Intercontinental Bank Plc. Also on board are British Telecoms and Globecomm Systems Inc as Technical Partners.

By leveraging their talents, creativity, specialized knowledge, and commitment to excellence, FBN promises to fully deploy the skills of its team of professionals who have a solid pedigree from previous broadcasting concerns. FBN says its strategy is to reach an untapped African viewer market with a combination of original Afro-centric programming and over-the-air broadcasting by owned-and-operated stations in major African markets that pick up network feeds via satellite and distribute them via terrestrial. This strategy is uniquely suited to the challenges of distributing radio and television network programming across vast distances in the absence of well-established cable and home-satellite infrastructure. The event will hold at the prestigious Waldoff Astoria Hotel , New York

(This Day (Lagos), 18 July 2007)