Nigeria: Focus Digital Cable TV Set for Nigeria


A digital entertainment cable television with bias for information technology, business and gospel is set to hit the Nigerian screen soon. The TV called Focus TV is a cable channel on the Disc Communications platform. Coordinator of the cable TV, Tayo Adewusi, stated that the station is one in a bouquet of digital cable channels that can be received with an installed Yagi antenna on UHF 45.7 MHz on the DISC terrestrial transmission space.

He stated that it has thus become a powerful tool in the hands of creative men and women, entertainers, politicians and the state as a medium for broadcasting items of news, music, talk, sports, entertainments and movies for people to appreciate.

Adewusi added that "the arrival of digital technology in television broadcasting has further raised the stakes, as items of weather, holiday, business and more can be accessed on screen using a remote control port. This, according to him, is in addition to quality picture and networking brilliance which ensures 'no signal drop' .

He reiterated that the story of Focus Television, is one that derives from the weighty proposition put forward by the visionary coordinating executive in concert with a bevy of professionals and kept in view until now. Programmes he added, have also been galvanized to sustain a projected viewership base of five million subscribers. For this reason, the station, he noted, promises to be ' uniquely different'. This ensign he disclosed is a constant reminder of its duty to the people they serve and to ensure the much talked about 'local content' that is needed to encourage ingenuity and pride of place in home grown broadcast inputs among Industry Practitioners at various levels.

He stated that Focus TV is coming on stream with its network of experienced broadcast journalism professionals poised to foster an enduring and profitable cable channel that will stream entertainment, business, sports, features, documentaries, religious broadcast, news and quality programmes. It has bias for Information and Communications Technology - ICT reporting in line with global trends which take into cognisance the role of ICT in the development of the various strata of society and humanity.

Adewusi who brings his experience to bear on the new digital TV offering is the anchor person of ICT Watch; a weekly industry feature on Minaj Broadcast International (MBI) which he has sustained for seven years and continues to provide issue-based reports and analyses as well as the coverage of industry innovation and product launch.

He stated that broadcast investments around the world and the rapid growth and expanse seen in the platforms of propagation are the result of technology, innovation and liberalization which expressively have engendered resolute appetite by developers, practitioners and consumers of this media of mass communication. Adewusi believes that for the most part, liberalization has been the most dominant aspect that continues to influence the growth seen in broadcasting, whose history can effectively be traced to 1959 in Nigeria .

(This Day (Lagos), 6 June 2007)