Liberia: Concerned LBS Workers Want Speedy Probe


Concerned workers of the Liberia Broadcasting System have spotted delays by the Board of Directors in probing the LBS management of alleged financial and administrative mal-practices. In a release, the workers said delays, short notice meetings and the appointment of the LBS Director General, Charles Snetter, who is at the center of these allegations, as Secretary to the Board, are attempts to shield the mal-practices at the system.

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf appointed a Board of Directors in February and mandated it to investigate the allegations to submit findings to the Executive Mansion. The Board is chaired by former Information Minister Johnny McClain. According to the statement, since the President constituted the Board, only one member of the concerned workers has been invited for a meeting.

Among other charges, the concerned workers said Snetter failed to include in the 2006 annual report submitted to the President, royalties received from the BBC and Radio France International for relaying broadcast services of both institutions. In the report, Snetter claimed LBS rendered free broadcast services to government ministries and agencies during the period under review but the concerned workers have challenged the report.

A split developed among the employees of LBS since Snetter was appointed to the system last year with one group backing management while the other - Concerned Workers, headed by Broadcast Journalist Oxford Brown, calling for the head of Snetter.

The Analyst