South Africa: DSTV Guides By Cellphone

Technology & Convergence

DSTV is sending out programming information to subscribers through a "mobizine" -- a technology that combines cellphone technology with magazine-like content. The satellite platform owned by MultiChoice said this week that "DStv Dish Daily" would feature about 20 articles relating to daily and forthcoming programming highlights that subscribers would download to their cellphones.

Advertising and sale of content are the biggest income generators for mobizines. Nicci Brown, MultiChoice Africa promotions and relationship marketing manager, said the company would not place advertising in the mobizine, as it was purely an added benefit to subscribers. Updated each day at 7am, Dish Daily will allow for more interactive and entertaining content, such as pictures, to be used. The only cost would be the download of the mobizine platform to the subscriber's phone, and the daily data charges for each new edition, which would be 2c-10c a day. Media company Thumbtribe owns the rights to mobizine in Africa, which is beginning to pay off. There are 85,000 subscribers across 35 titles.

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