Nigeria: Time Machine - A Personal Computer, TV Tool

Technology & Convergence

At times like this when the awareness of Information and Communication Technology and innovations is on the increase, the convergence between Television and Personal Computing (PC) technologies as a tool is at optimum.

The Managing Director of LG Electronics, West African operation, Mr. B.W. Park had said recently that The Time Machine TV, which is one of LG's latest technological innovations, is perfectly placed to fill an important gap in the market because the busy lifestyles of consumers have created a need for integrated products and the company is the first manufacturer to address this growing trend with the high definition Time Machine TV. Speaking at the launch, Park, had noted that Time Machine function allows users to pause, record and replay TV programmes with a built-in 80 Gega Bytes (GB) hard drive that could store up to 40 hours of digital standard-definition programming, eliminating the need for external storage devices.

Nigerians have confirmed as timely the introduction of the Time Machine TV by the Korean home appliances and mobile communications giant, LG Electronics, into the nation's Information and Communication Technology (ICT) market from the date of launch till date. Over six months of its launch in the Nigerian market, the product has continued to receive commendations from notable Nigerian professionals for its immense capabilities and technological edge. The latest accolade came from ace television presenter, Mr. Soni Irabor, who described the LG Time Machine TV as "A brilliant piece of technology that meets the need of the time." Irabor stated "With the Time Machine TV, you can record for hours and you will be able to catch all the minute details of your production. The picture quality of this machine is also second to none in television viewing."

Since its launch in Nigeria on September 9, 2006, LG's Time Machine TV has also become associated with some of society's leading lights, especially icons in the entertainment and sports industry.

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