Angola: MPs Praise Construction of Television Production, Broadcasting Centres


MP's with the 6th Commission on Education and Media Thursday in Luanda, praised the quality of the works of construction of the new production and transmission centres of Angola's state-run and only Television Station (TPA). To MP Osvaldo de Jesus, what pleases them most is that the project will contribute to improve the citizens' living standards. He said he hopes everything will go in accordance with the programme designed and the works complete as established, that is by the end of this year.

Osvaldo de Jesus agreed with TPA and contractor's decision to have the works concluded simultaneously, in order to avoid constraints that might follow the completion of the first stage.

The project of construction of TPA Production and Transmission Centre is going under a fund from China Government and is being developed on separate sites.

The Production Centre, situated in Luanda's Camama area, district of Kilamba-Kiaxi, will comprise three blocks housing two studio each, an offices building with restaurant, while the Transmission Centre, being built in the same zone, is currently in completion stage.

Angola Press Agency (Luanda), 24 May 2007