Congo-Kinshasa: High Hopes for Catholic Radio in Nation's South


A new Catholic radio station in the southern region hopes to promote evangelization and social awareness. "We named the radio Kaoze, in memory of the first Congolese priest of our diocese. The radio is a channel of evangelisation," Rev David Luhaka, vice-president of Radio Kaoze managing committee told a local news agency.

Radio Kaoze is the latest in the series of Catholic radios in Democratic Congo. It was established by the Diocese of Kalemie-Kirungu in the southern region and is named after Stefano Kaoze (1885-1951), ordained in 1917.

For the 50,000 people in Kalemie the launch of the radio is an important event, FIDES reports. Catholics see it as a channel of evangelisation and a means of deepening their knowledge of the faith. Non-Catholics hope Radio Kaoze will at last give a voice to the city. The people of Kalemie hope the radio will organise debates on local problems and speak out for the people.

Religious programmes will focus on meditation of the Word of God, philosophy, theology and there will also be programmes on development, local events, culture, healthcare and human rights. The managers intend to form a Kaoze Club with programmes based on the figure of Fr Kaoze. The president of the radio committee is Mgr. Isidore Katele, diocesan Vicar-General.

Catholic Information Service for Africa (Nairobi), 22 May 2007