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- "Benboulaid" movie will probably be in cinema on March 22nd to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Martyr Mostefa Benboulaid, indicated, Algerian filmmaker and producer Sadek Bakhouche. During a news conference on "Benboulaid" movie, Bakhouche declared that the "filming of the remaining scenes of the movie will be completed during the first week of January 2008," indicating that "80% of the film scenes are made".

- Moroccan feature film "Fi Ntidhar Pasolini" (Waiting for Pasolini), directed by Daoud Oulad Syad, won the award of Best Arabic film in the 31st Cairo International Film Festival, which wrapped up last Friday. Nineteen films from 16 countries competed for the Golden Pyramid and another 13 took part in the competition for best Arab film. A total of 153 films from 100 countries were screened.