Uganda: Radio stations urged to explain ebola to listeners by District Commissioner


Gulu Resident District Commissioner Walter Ochora-Odoch has urged the radio stations and clinical officers in Acholi sub-region to sensitize the community on Ebola. The outbreak of Ebola in western Uganda has triggered panic in the country. There has been no reported case of Ebola in Gulu.

"We urge radio stations to remind residents of the symptoms of Ebola and how it is contracted," he said. "Through sensitisation, the public will know what to do in case Ebola spreads."

Gulu was last hit by Ebola in 2000. Over 20 people lost their lives, including a doctor Mathew Lukwiya of St Mary's Hospital Lacor. According to the Ministry of Health, the latest out break of Ebola has left 29 dead and 113 infected by Monday.

Ebola virus is transmitted through body contact with an infected person. All the secretions such as sweat, saliva, blood, and vomitus from an infected person are infectious. Some of the symptoms of Ebola include sudden onset of fever, bloody diarrhea, vomiting blood, bleeding from gums, bleeding into skin, bleeding from every body opening like the eyes, nose, ears, anus, etc; and blood in urine.

Some of the precautions put forward include avoid shaking hands as much as possible. If you must shake hands, wash them at the earliest opportunity with soap and water. Be on the look out for the above symptoms, especially if someone falls sick suddenly.