South Africa: Feb RAMS Show Radio Audiences Remain Unmoved


For the second RAMS in a row, no individual radio station has managed to win over significantly more listeners. The latest SAARF Radio Audience Measurement Survey shows a medium with very little movement, save for people's listening for an extra three minutes a day.

While weekly listening levels remain static over the previous period, seven-day listening for RAMS February 2007 is significantly higher than the year previous. Past seven day (p7d) listening, which fell off in the Reef, stands at 92.6%, up a mere 0.1 of a percentage point over RAMS November 2007. Average Monday to Friday listenership, which sees more coloured listeners tuning in, but fewer listeners on the Reef, is up slightly to 79.0% (from 78.7%). Saturday listening is up slightly to 74.8%, while Sunday listening has not budged, remaining stable at 73.0%.

While audience figures in total remain immobile, there have been a number of significant shifts within the profiles of several radio stations' audiences. On a national level, there has been a decline on the year previous in the number of SU-LSM 1 and 5 listeners (average M-F), and significant growth over the same period in SU-LSM 6 and 9 listeners. Individual stations showing SU-LSM shifts include Kaya FM 95.9, whose SU-LSM 5 and 6 listenership is up (p7d), while its SU-LSM 8 listener base has declined (p7d). Metro FM has lost SU-LSM 9 listeners, as well as audience in Pietermaritzburg (p7d).

5FM has gained listeners in Bloemfontein, while Lesedi FM has grown in the Northern Cape and Kimberley (all p7d). Ikwekwezi FM has increased its audience in metro areas, and Total Community is up in Pretoria (both on a p7d and average M-F level). Downward demographic shifts were seen for CKI FM Stereo in urban areas and East London (p7d), for Radio Pulpit in cities and large towns (p7d), and for Thobela FM on the Reef (average M-F). The second wave of SAARF RAMS for this year will be released on 9 May 2007.

(Biz-Community (Cape Town), 7 December 2007)