Ethiopia: Amhara Regional Gov't to Launch TV Station


The Amhara regional government will next year launch regional TV and radio broadcasts, according to the Amhara Mass Media Agency. The project incorporates TV and radio stations as well as a print media, for which four five-storey buildings will be constructed. The project, expected to cost 100 million birr (US$11 million), will be fully financed by the regional government.

The construction of the buildings will commence next month on a 10,000 sq.m. plot of land the agency secured from the regional investment bureau. The construction of the buildings is projected to be completed during the current fiscal year, and the TV and radio stations are expected to start broadcasting late next year, according to the agency. The region's impending TV broadcast will be transmitted to ten selected towns, including Addis Ababa. The TV transmission is planned to cover the whole country, according to the agency. The TV station will basically employ satellite for transmission while the plan also includes transmission via fiber optics and microwaves.

(The Reporter (Addis Ababa), 10 November 2007)