Nigeria: Club Int'l Introduces WBEica

Technology & Convergence

A new product, 'WBEica', consisting of essential industry specific work tools and a personal entertainment platform all on a handheld device has been introduced into the Nigerian market by Club International, a North America based company with presence in South Africa.

WBEica, according to a statement from the company, is an acronym for Wireless Business Entertainment internet content applications. It is a mobile business and lifestyle service wrapped up in a single mobile client used by corporate bodies and individuals to enjoy the true benefits of their wireless handheld devices.

In Nigeria "WBEica" is being launched on the BlackBerry device because of the reputation BlackBerry holds for providing the best mobile data platform today. WBEica works with all mobile operators offering the Blackberry service in Nigeria.

There are two parts to the WBEica service, the enterprise service and the Lifestyle service. Membership comes at two service levels, Amber, Tan and Ether. With either service you always have access to quality of service guaranteed from all the club's products.

WBEica service, among others, consists of enabling members gain access to critical corporate data and performs full office functions as though they were behind their desks, beyond email anywhere anytime. WBEica has grown to become a major business tool and The Club International as the leading Blackberry ISV partner in sub-Saharan Africa is bringing the added benefits to Blackberry users in Africa's largest market, Nigeria. With the richest bouquet of enterprise and lifestyle services in the world, The Club Internationals' WBEica is the leading source of solutions. From enterprise solutions like CRM, Sales force automation, mobile work order processing and mobile service desk management to lifestyle applications like games, puzzles, dictionaries and concierge services among others.

WBEica as a business tool has evolved over seven years and has solutions for most major industry sectors from Oil and Gas, Finance, Legal, Media, Manufacturing, and agriculture to Government and security. WBEica leverages on a company's existing infrastructure to extend its data on the most secure platform in the world, therefore reducing the overall cost of deployment.

With the introduction of WBEica to the Nigerian market, Nigeria joins the league of nations that are enjoying the true benefits of enterprise mobility which always leads to increased productivity.

(This Day (Lagos), 7 November 2007)