South Africa: Unleashing the Power of Student Radio Stations


Student Radio Network, a newly launched initiative aimed at unleashing the power of the student radio market, intends to bring in methods that will bridge the existing gap in getting access to airtime sales and barriers that prevents growth of student and community radio stations across the country.

Student Radio Network uses a one-contact point system that is intended to give students and community radio stations access to airtime sales and ensure that the allocated airtime is scheduled is followed correctly by the broadcasters.

Simone Kritzinger, MD for Student Radio Network, says, "Student-run stations are, and will forever remain, community radio stations. This however does not in any way mean that they have less potential than commercial stations. The loyalty of radio listenership has been what marketers sell and I believe the audience these stations have are not only the most loyal and niche, but an extremely viable and influential market.

"Student Radio Network is dedicating itself to these stations in order to provide them with the tools to not only get them to a professional broadcasting standard but also to allow national advertisers to tap into this market with a one point of contact.

Student Radio Network is planning to ensure that all stations across the network act in a professional manner, with a fully experienced advisory service to the stations, making sure each station has the ability to live up to the mandate they were designed for.

(Biz-Community (Cape Town), 23 November 2007)