Broadcast Briefs:


- Six months after receiving its commercial broadcast license, Capricorn FM began broadcasting from its state-of-the-art studios in Bendor, Polokwane. The station will broadcast 70% in English and 30% vernacular, incorporating the three dominant ethnic groups in the province (tshiVenda, sePedi, xiTsonga).

- Nigeria now boasts of 308 broadcast stations comprising of 152 radio stations, 116 television and 40 cable stations.

- Marketing of tourist activities is set to climb to a new level following the establishment of a new television channel to stream East African content for the UK audience. Kenya is among the 24 countries that will showcase their lifestyle, culture, travel, tourism and commerce on the digital TV channel to be launched November 26. Digital Sky Investments (Pty) Limited was recently awarded the sole and exclusive licence to commission content and market the channel in eligible countries. The company has kicked off acquisition and commissioning of TV content to provide a full picture of the region.

- The community radio station in Gambia’s Brikama, commonly known as FMB village, has recently installed 500-watt power transmitter for its studio, thereby extending its coverage to the whole nation. The coverage of the radio station which used to be limited only to Brikama Town and its surrounding villages has now been extended to the whole of Western Region, the Nuimis in the NBR, LRR and up to Kaolock in neighbouring Senegal. This new development now poses a great challenge to the radio as it needs to come up with more educative programmes for the wide range of listeners. He disclosed that upon receiving the transmitter the management of the studio has decided to embark on capacity building for its staff which he said will take place as soon as possible to update their skills and techniques on radio presentation.