Kenya: ECK Warns TV And Radio Stations

Regulation & Policy

The Electoral Commission (ECK) is monitoring how the media cover political campaigns. David Kiiru, an ECK official, said an ECK and donors' survey had shown that most TV stations were using different camera angles to highlight or blackout some candidates.

He said vernacular FM stations devoted most of their coverage to presidential candidates of their choice. Speaking at a training workshop for journalists in Nakuru, Kiiru said the ECK had written to radio and TV stations on the need for fairness. On opinion polls, he advised the media to use international standards to ensure credibility.

"The media must indicate who commissioned the poll, the methodology used and the number of people sampled to avoid confusing voters," he said. The official said the media had a responsibility to provide voters with accurate information to enable them make informed choices.

Meanwhile, a former Assistant Minister, Adam Karauri, has asked the media to accord all political parties fair coverage during the campaign period. Karauri, a former Tigania East MP, said the media had shunned smaller political parties.

(The East African Standard (Nairobi), 13 November 2007)