South Africa: More Magazines Go Mobile

Technology & Convergence

Not only did Touchline Media go mobile this week with mini Kick Off, Men's Health, Sports Illustrated and Shape magazines for cellphones, so too did Ramsay, Son & Parker launch the first of its mobizines for flagship publication Car, with more in the pipeline. These all follow a month after various Atoll Media titles went mobile.

Mobizines are bite-sized magazines for your mobile phone that can be downloaded at any time and accessed immediately or saved for later. Mobizines are compressed so they can be quickly downloaded and do not take up much memory on your phone.

Comments Andrew Lanning, head of new media at Touchline, "Convergence, a brand new buzzword a mere few months back, is now almost a given as the various media platforms come together via the Internet, cellphones, notebooks, PDAs, interactive TV, PVRs and print. Throw in the fact that consumers, rather than content producers such as ourselves, make the call on how, when and where they would like to engage our content, and one has an inkling of the environment we find ourselves in."

According to Neal Farrell, RS&P digital publishing general manager, the range of content and services will grow in the months ahead as more choices are made available and the options become more interactive, with video being top of the list of content to be offered.

(Biz-Community (Cape Town), 16 November 2007)