GTV begins continental roll-out to meet demand for Barclays Premiership League


Across Africa, fans of Barclays Premier League football have noticed a change to the way the 2007-8 season is broadcast. For the first time in history, the rights have been shared between broadcasters. To widen access to live matches across Africa, the Barclays Premier League has granted the lion's share of matches to a new company, GTV (GBS in Ghana).

GTV is currently offering service in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Botswana and Mauritius and has firm plans to roll-out in the following countries over the next couple of months: Angola, Burundi, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Namibia, Rwanda, Zambia and Zimbabwe over the next couple of months.
Further expansion will cover Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Gambia and Francophone countries by the end of the year with coverage of the whole of sub-Saharan Africa achieved by mid 2008.

GTV is committed to making the competition accessible to more fans than ever before by proving that world-class programming should not be the preserve of the elite.

GTV is currently rolling out a new, more affordable pay-TV service across Africa. This service includes 80 per cent of all Barclays Premier League matches for 48 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. This includes up to 8 live matches per week on G-Sports 1 and 2. All the top matches influencing the top of the table, relegation and European competition qualification are included.

Rhys Torrington, GTV's Commercial Director, commented:

"I want to assure all the fans who have been in contact with GTV that we are listening. A change on this scale to the way the Barclays Premier League is broadcast in Africa does not come without a few challenges. Each market is different, and we are working with all the relevant regulators to ensure we play by the rules. Everyone at GTV is working non-stop to get GTV into homes and businesses as soon as possible.

"GTV is here for the long term, and our promise to African football fans is to deliver the best of the Barclays Premier League at a much more affordable price. We're asking fans for their patience and their support while we continue our rollout across the continent.