Nigeria: Nigerian outrage over nude video


A video showing a northern Nigerian film actress in a sex scene has caused a public outcry in the Muslim north. The outraged Kano State Filmmakers Association has expelled the actress and her lover, along with 17 others.

The 17 were not connected to the video but were thought to be involved in "immoral acts" such as drunkenness and fornication, a local newspaper says. The un-named actress is now in hiding after the eight-minute mobile phone clip was circulated across the north.

"This was the first time such exposure involving Hausa-Fulani persons was witnessed in the country," reports the Leadership newspaper. The Hausa-Fulani are the dominant ethnic groups in the predominantly conservative Muslim north.

Muslim clerics have condemned the video clip, while radio programmes have been full of complaints about immorality in Nigeria's film industry. Nollywood, Nigeria's hugely successful home video industry, is mostly based in the country's less conservative Christian south.

In the past few years a Hausa language home video industry, known as Kannywood, has sprung up in the largest northern city, Kano. Hausa is the most widely spoken language across northern Nigeria.