Somalia: Radio Warsan Back On Air After Govt. Officials Closed It Down

Regulation & Policy

Government officials in Baidoa, a farming town in southern Somalia, closed down the independent FM station (Radio Warsan) on Tuesday. The C.E.O of Radio Warsan, Abdifitah Gesey, told Shabelle by phone from Baidoa that the radio station was raided by government troops that forcefully entered the main studio. He said their voices could be heard as the studio was on air at the time.

Gesey said he did not know why the station was closed, indicating that it was the seventh time of closure since the Somali transitional government moved to Baidoa more a year ago. However, the radio station was back on air on Wednesday, but one its reporters, Hilal Sheik Shueyb, was still in jail. Gesey said he was trying to find out why the journalist has been detained.
(Shabelle Media Network (Mogadishu), 15 August 2007)