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- Movie makers under the aegis of Motion Picture Practitioners' Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN) have urged the Kano State Censorship Board to reverse its decision not to censor films featuring any of the suspended practitioners, and that the practitioners concerned were not banned by MOPPAN but were merely suspended according to the gravity of their offences.

In a statement issued from the national secretariat of MOPPAN, the body sought to clarify the board on respective responsibilities where it stated, "We would like to remind the board of the position already taken by MOPPAN where it clearly stated the grey areas between the board and the associations where the board's responsibility was understood to be the regulation of the industry and not its activities. It is the individual guilds and associations that control the conduct of their members."

The film makers disagreed that the Board has the right to interfere with the verdict which the practitioners' body committee passed on its members, and advised the board "to concentrate on issues capable of moving the industry forward." MOPPAN is demanding "formal apology" from the board for tarnishing the image of its members while violating the agreement between it and the board not to expose the film makers to stigma by airing any statement relating to film practitioners.