Broadcast In Brief


- Government will not tolerate the de facto privatisation of public airwaves through corporate sponsorship of normal programming, a senior Government official has said. Secretary for Information and Publicity George Charamba last week said Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings had a policy guiding the relations between the public broadcaster and advertisers and that had to be followed."The policy guiding the interface between ZBH and advertisers is very clear. Advertisers approach ZBH to buy airtime solely for the purpose of advertising companies and their products and services. The policy does not envisage that an advertiser tries to be a surrogate CEO of ZBH. "It therefore does not countenance an advertiser who seeks to pronounce himself on editorial matters as these are the prerogative of the ZBH management as guided by their board and the Government," said Charamba.

- The Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN), has announced its adoption of Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba as three national languages recognised by the constitution of Nigeria, stating that the languages will be used in its along with English.