Benin: Liberalisation of licences provide new investment opportunities


Benin’s broadcast regulator Haute autorité de l’audiovisuel et de la communication (Haac) has announced that it will allocate frequencies for new licences for both radio and television.

The move was announced a meeting that included the President of Haac Ali Zato and eleven of its councillors. Although there has been a delay in making the announcement, 98 applications have been received. Responding to the point that more stations might be too much for a population the size of Benin’s, Councillor Irené Agossa said that the capital Cotonou was capable of supporting at least four television channels and that other regions would attract different levels of interest. These new stations would enable all Béninoise to be better informed.

Haac also said that it would allocate frequencies to the most capable and merit-worthy in order to avoid difficulties. There were: 30 applications for commercial TV licences, 7 for non-commercial TV licences, 31 for commercial radio station licences and 39 for non-commercial radio station licences.

(Source : Fraternité Matin)