Angolan Government to invest in film campus to help revive local industry


Angolan Minister of Culture Boaventura Cardoso announced the construction of a new film campus designed to help relaunch film-making locally and to play a key role in developing the sector. Construction will take place over the next five years.

According to the Minister, he has recognised the crisis affecting the sector and the film campus is a Ministry of Culture Project designed to be part of the process of building and rehabilitating the cultural infrastructure of the country:”When completed, the campus will have all the facilities required to both produce and show films.”

He called on Angolan business men to invest in the relaunch of sector as it would not really take off if there were not serious investors:”We don’t have production facilities, distribution circuits, some cinemas were destroyed during the war and others by vandalism afterwards, therefore it’s necessary to create a laboratory for the creation of cinema. Film is expensive to make and we have to find ways of making it possible.”