African Movie Channel in tie-up with 3A Telesud to bring Ya Ma’Afrika to viewers on-demand


Telesud’s exciting new TV series, Ya Ma’Afrika made by its production company, Soundview Africa based in New York, debuts on the African Movie Channel, AMC this October. The highly acclaimed new series started airing on Telesud in September.

Ya Ma’Afrika is a fictional drama show that fuses the lives of 4 African women living in Brooklyn, New York and highlights the cultural experiences, contradictions and challenges of Africans living in the West. In the show, Yetunde (Nigeria), Kui (Kenya), Chipo (Zimbabwe) and Welisane (Cameroon) are housemates from all corners of Africa with different backgrounds. The women confront issues ranging from relationships to employment and immigration. The show is glamorous with a level of sophistication and at the same time it is raw, touching on real issues. The show captures the cosmopolitan side of Africans, rarely shown on TV.

African Movie Channel’s co-founder and co-director, ‘Yinka Mayungbo told us: “bringing this exciting new series to our channel is another first for AMC. This will be AMC’s first foray into TV series. We have primarily offered movies to our viewers. It’s another milestone in our mission to bring only the best quality African entertainment from Africa, and the best African content made by Africans in the Diaspora, to our viewers. It’s been fantastic working with Telesud to bring this fine series to our channel…”.

Commenting on the partnership with AMC, Yves Bollanga, Telesud’s manager for North America (USA and Canada), says “Ya Ma’Afrika is too good to be available only to our viewers. It’s our best TV series to date. We look forward to making our excellent productions available on-demand on AMC, and on broadcast TV stations all around the world.” Each episode of Ya Ma’Afrika will be made available on AMC immediately after it has aired on Telesud.