Uganda: Ugandan Radio on Internet

Technology & Convergence

JumpTV Inc., a leader in broadcasting international television and sports programming over the Internet has began streaming Uganda’s top 5 radio stations live via The five stations form part of the Ugandan package available for purchase on the company?s website ( for US$12.95 per month; however the package will be free of charge for 30 days as part of a special promotion. A press statement issued by JumpTV said Sharon Masinda lives in Brixton, England working as a nurse in the National Health Service. She looks forward to coming home from work everyday at exactly 6:00 p.m. to catch the radio news live from Uganda on

The radio stations include Simba FM, KFM, Hot 100, Beat FM and Capital FM.

JumpTV’s live television channels are also available in the package, including Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC), Wavah Broadcasting Services (WBS TV) and most recently Record TV.

Subscribers can pay for the packages using an international credit card. Douglas Ames, the general manager of Africa at said, ?the addition of Uganda?s top radio stations to compliment our existing television content from Uganda brings us closer to our goal of creating the most compelling content experience for our customers?.

The inclusion of the five radio stations marks an important stage in the development of the Ugandan media sector as the press, radio and television companies now have some medium of distribution for their content over the Internet breaking the distance barrier.

JumpTV streams over 31 television and radio stations from Africa namely from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Benin, Ghana and many others around the continent. JumpTV is a distributor of live international television and sports over the Internet.

With more than 300 television channels from 75 countries and more than 170 partnerships with sports teams and leagues. JumpTV also delivers full-screen sports, news and entertainment content on a real-time basis from all corners of the globe to computers, Internet-enabled television sets, IP set-top-boxes and cell phones with browser access.

(Highway Africa News Agency (Grahamstown), 28 September 2007)