Cameroon: New TV Channel Closed Down


The chaos of the Cameroonian licensing process continues. Activities of a private television station called New TV have been closed down. The action follows an order from the Ministry of Communication to close down the channel following the illegal use of frequency bands for the audiovisual sector. As a result of such indiscipline by these channels, it is common to find the appearance of signals which are unknown in the register of frequency spectrum.

Another private television channel, Liberty FM was also broadcasting without authorisation. Last August 30, the Minister called on these television channels to stop broadcasting but only Libert_ FM obeyed the instructions. According to the Provincial Delegate of Communication, Jean Claude Nanga Abanda, New TV claims to have an authorisation from the government whereas no such authorisation exists. As for Liberty FM, broadcast has been temporarily halted and documents forwarded to the Ministry of Communication while waiting for authorisation.

(Cameroon Tribune (Yaoundé), 25 October 2007)