Africa: MacPower's D7-3500 brings digital media to the home

Technology & Convergence

Ingram Micro South Africa has announced the local availability of the MacPower D7-3500 media adapter - a compact high-performance and feature rich digital media player that substantially reduces the complexity associated with bringing digital media into the lounge of the future. "The D7-3500 is for all intense purposes a digital-media centric set-top box," explains Gustavo Pinto, product manager at Ingram Micro South Africa.

"It features an internal 3.5" SATA hard disk for media storage and offers support for all major video, audio and digital still photo formats in use today," Pinto continues. "With MacPower's inclusion of a high-speed USB 2.0 interface, a wired Ethernet port and Wireless 802.11b/g in the device, users can transfer media to the D7-3500 in the manner that suits them best.

"Furthermore," he adds, "the device's wired and wireless networking capabilities allow users to stream media from other devices on their network, or even the Internet."

Pinto says that the D7-3500 has been designed for entry-level media consumers and as such doesn't require a high-level of technical proficiency. "The fact that it's driven with a remote control and not a keyboard or mouse immediately tells you that it's designed for the home user," he says. The interface is clear, concise and easy to navigate - even novice users will find it a breeze to operate."Viewing digital media of all kinds has never been this simple," he concludes.

The MacPower D7-3500 is available exclusively to Ingram Micro South Africa's registered resellers and carries a recommended retail price of R1999.00.