Senegal: New TV frequency authorisations have been issued


The CEO of Wal Fadjri group referred to "the advancement of the Senegalese democracy ' following the granting by the government of a TV frequency to its media group.

'It is a long struggle that knows its epilogue today', "said Sidy Lamine Niasse who went over the various milestones since the famous tender, which was launched at the beginning of the political changeover that took place a few years ago.

Faced with the refusal of the state to free television channels, the project leader of Walf Tv had been forced to explore other opportunities. '”I was the only one to respond to the invitation to tender and yet, we saw that new promoters of TV have gone through other channels to deliver, including 2Stv which broadcasted via Rts 1 and Canal Info with Canal Satellite and Rdv emitting from the network of Mmds”.

To compete with these channels, Sidy Lamine Niasse turned to satellite to air Walf Tv. Today, the microwave frequency is the culmination of a long process. According to our interlocutor, the fact that frequency has been allocated to a private group, is a strong signal which proves that the state wants to move forward on the democratic process. Sidy Lamine Niasse believes that “there are other Senegalese people that deserve it and they must have their television channel too”.

Wal Fadjri