Algeria: Two new Television stations and Radio for the national Broadcasting Company


As part of its program to modernize its infrastructure and its deployment throughout the national territory Broadcasting Company Algeria (TDA) has signed a contract with the American group Harris Corp. for the supply of two new TV stations and broadcasting, which will be based in F'kirini and Sidi Bel Abbès.

According to TIA, the American group was chosen after selection, as they have offered to carry out the work for $15 million in a short period of time. The project, whose delivery is expected for the year 2009, provides for the design and installation of these two stations to be fitted with new generation equipment.

"We are very excited about the new Harris transmitters because they will allow us to reduce our operating costs and significantly improve the audio quality of our programs," said Abdelmalek Houyou, the Director General of Algerian Television (TDA), which has signed the contract with the American group.

(La Tribune (Algiers), 3 October 2007)