Côte d'Ivoire: Canal + Horizons denounces piracy


At the launch of its new programs for 2007-2008, Ms. Françoise Leguenou-Remarck the CEO of Canal+Horizons denounced excessive rate of piracy of its encrypted programs.

According to her "the phenomenon has made a comeback in Cote d'Ivoire in the last few years. Due to the high level of piracy, Canal+Horizons has been forced to close down broadcasting stations in North African countries. The situation is not better in Cameroon and Guinea where piracy of the television programs is endemic”. The CEO of the company invited viewers to denounce Ivorians developing underground subscription networks, which can legally be prosecuted under the laws in force in Ivory Coast.

Responding to the concerns of customers, distributors and journalists on the comparatively high cost of access to the bouquet, Ms. Leguenou-Remarck argued that local packages offer more than 60 channels, more than those proposed in the sub-region. In addition, the chain introduced flexible and customised services with the launch of the new season programs. The latter will include major sport events (CAN 2008, Euro 2008, 2008 Olympics, etc.), cinema’s specials (Caesars, Oscars, etc.) in addition to successful films and TV combined to documentaries and news

(Fraternité Matin (Abidjan), 7 October 2007)