Tunisia: New Private Koran-Focused Radio Station Launched


The first day in Ramadan was marked by the launch of Tunisia 's third privately -owned Radio Station, dubbed the "Zeitouna Radio Station for the Holy Koran". Taking its name from that of the olive tree in Arabic, the new Tunisian radio station which focuses on the Koran and its teachings, went on the air early on Thursday.

The news of its forthcoming airing, had been announced on Wednesday evening by President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, during a public address to the Tunisian people on the advent of the month of Ramadan. The radio which broadcasts its programs around the clock on FM from Carthage , will cover more than 90% of the Tunisian territory.

In a statement made in Tunis , the project's initiator, Mohamed Sakhr Materi, said that "the aim is for Tunisia to remain a beacon in the Islamic-Arab world, and a symbol of the dialogue and fruitful interaction between cultures and civilizations".

The new radio station will focus almost exclusively on the Koran and the remaining programs will focus on the life and teachings of the Prophet. The recitation of the Koran, as well as the psalms will be carried out by young Tunisians. Kamel Omrane, the radio station's new director and a university professor, said that the radio's initiator, has made sure that the radio is equipped with the latest cutting edge technology, guaranteeing the project with the best conditions of success.

(Tunisia Online (Tunis), 13 September 2007)