GTV’s Botswana GM promises more goodies


The General Manager of GTV Botswana, says his company is committed to broadening their channel offerings to meet their subscribers needs. Michael Essig said during a media lunch last Friday that so far GTV has managed to make a break through into the market. He said that GTV has been working on new content deals, particularly local content.

After a market survey they recently introduced four new channels, G Africa, G Series, KidsCo and a family programme. He said they have been in talks with several people to see what it can do to increase local content. ”As much as we want to give Batswana quality shows, we also want to offer them programmes that they can identify themselves with. We hope to get local productions”, he said.

Essig said they intend to offer additional content at a reasonable price as they have realised that Batswana have other needs to take care of. He said the main bouquet G plus, offers 19 channels at P245 (US$38.44) while G Choice with 13 channels is P123 (US$19.30) and G home with eight channels is P70 (US$10.98) per month.