Angola: Unita MP criticizes the Government for handing TPA’s Canal 2 over to son of the President


Unita Deputy Alcides Sakala criticized the Angolan Government (of which Unita is a part) of “nepotism” in handing over state broadcaster TPA’s Canal 2 to the son of the President Tchizé dos Santos without a tender process for privatization. His daughter is already a minority shareholder in the largest mobile operator Unitel.

Vice-Minister of Communications Miguel de Carvalho denied the charge saying that the younger dos Santos had simply gone into a management partnership with the Channel to provide much needed help with content, for which read providing money to buy rights. On this basis, the deal was not a privatisation. However, it is unclear what the structure and financial arrangements are for the management partnership.

MPLA Deputy Tany Narciso accused the opposition of “manipulating information” and that the management deal was simply a contractual arrangement reached by the Channel, not a privatization. Rather more threateningly MPLA Deputy Norberto dos Santos hit back at those attacking the Government, saying that they were not showing sufficient respect to the President.

LUSA - Agência de Notícias de Portugal