Rwanda: GTV Set to Change the Television Landscape


GTV, the new pan-African pay TV operator is currently taking the country by storm, particularly attracting sports fans. The pay TV Company will launch its services in the country on the 26th of this month. When it comes to pay TV, Africa has been faced with limited choices, low quality and poor value for money, but that is changing as the new GTV services will be offering a variety of new choices and quality to a whole new audience and at an affordable price.

"The African market has been artificially constrained by monopoly pricing and non relevant content. Consumers want to watch the latest high quality television programming that combines international and local content with great consumer service and real value," Julian McIntyre, the founder and managing director of GTV commented.

He also said that whether sports, entertainment, news or education, GTV will ensure quality content is accessible to many rather than a select few. For those who love the premier league, GTV purchased not only 80% of the rights to broadcast all the premiership matches but also all important matches. It will broadcast 8 live matches per week. The company will also be broadcasting live games and expert analysis through out the week.

While Africa represents the least penetrated pay TV region in the world, GTV believes it is the right time to offer a service which challenges the market place, and all who operate in it. Less than 1% of television owning house holds in sub Saharan Africa currently subscribe to pay-TV services compared to15% in Eastern Europe, 38% in Western Europe and 93% in North America.

GTV is set to change the monopolized market that has so far limited choice and value with its innovative package which targets main stream customers rather than an elite few. The company will be offering two packages: GTV base with 12 channels and G plus package with 15 channels, both of which will offer entertainment for the whole family with sports, especially the unmissable Barclays premier league, news, movies, series music, religious and children's programming.

(Focus Media (Kigali), 7 November 2007)