Zimbabwe: ZTV to Screen New Magazine Programme


Jack Shack's show, a new magazine programme, will soon be screened on ZTV as part of the new season programmes to be launched by the station later this month. Produced by Jack Shack the programme will feature reviews, analyses and interviews in business, sports and entertainment, presented in a light but incisive fashion with the infusion of humour to keep it light.

The 30-minute show will look at various aspects of life using the fast and popular real TV concept. "The programme is a stepping stone where we are looking at approaching everyone and exposing talents which had not been realised while catering for those who have already made it," said Jack. The project will extend beyond, to activities within the community centres and also cover business and sport functions as part of the magazine show. One of its main functions would be to bring members from various communities into responsibility activities such as health campaigns, street sweeps, and tree planting, benefit shows and fundraising activities through sport. As a way of recognising the fast growing ICT community development, a website is to be developed on an information portal as a communication, developmental and networking tool.

Viewers with access to Internet will be able to contribute to the creativity within the show, watch the past episodes, respond to issues raised and register their presence as supporters of the programme. The show intends to create a bridge between complexity of production and its viewership. "By 2010 we are hoping the programme would have had its viewership stretched in South Africa, Namibia, United Kingdom and Botswana," added Jack.

The organisation has also produced other television productions such as A.C.E (Ability in challenging Environment), Extreme Entertainment, a talk show and also co-produced the Estate Blues soap among several other projects.

(The Herald (Harare), 14 March 2008)