Tunisia: Latest audience stats show HannibalTV ahead everywhere except Sfax


Latest Tunisian audience figures for January 2008 show HannibalTV has taken a 36.5% of the TV audience against 24% for TV7 in the greater Tunis area. In Sfax HannibalTV took 36.8% audience share against 25.9% for TV7. However in Sfax the position was reversed with TV7 taking 36.9% and Hannibal TV only 10.6%.

Other TV channels got much smaller percentages of audience share. For example in the Greater Tunis area ARTSport got 6.9%, Rotana Cinema 4.1% and Canal 21 3.7%. Surprisingly, Al Jazeera only registered an audience in Sousse and then only 2.3% of the audience.

The radio audience results in the greater Tunis area were dominated by Mosaique FM (61.1%) and Ezzitouna (25.6%). However, there were significant regional differences with Jawhara FM taking the lion’s share of audiences in Sousse (68.6%) with Mosaique FM only getting 1%. Likewise in Sfax, Ezzitouna (41.2%) and Radio Sfax (40.1%) dominated whilst JawharaFM got a tiny 2.4% of audience share.