Kenya: Kenyan Film Commission Seeks Global Network


The Kenya Film Commission wants to establish a global distribution network for locally made films and aggressively promote the country as a film location destination. Managing Director David Maingi said the Commission is working with leading international agencies to promote Kenya as film making destination. "We are establishing a global distribution channel for Kenyan films by entering in strategic partnership with cultural bodies that have an international presence like the French Development Corporation," said Maingi.

Global distribution of Kenyan films will create a bigger market and make film production more profitable besides popularising other unique natural features. "We must promote Kenyan filmmakers by letting the global audience know we have quality movies, which can accessed on demand anywhere in the world," he added. Maingi said the commission had finalized a marketing strategy to promote Kenya as a film destination globally. The Commission would participate in the pre-eminent Film Commissioners Location Expo in Santa Monica and Cannes festival to market the country.