Togo: Nana FM journalist suspended by content regulator HAAC

Regulation & Policy

La Commission nationale des droits de l’homme (CNDH) of Togo has accused the Haute autorité de l’audiovisuel et de la communication (HAAC) of abuses and violating the right to information in the wake of its decision to suspend a journalist from the Lomé-based radio station, Nana FM.

CNDH says that the regulator HAAC “does not have substantial elements of the proof required to justify the violation it alleges took place.” Furthermore it alleges that the suspension of Daniel Lawson-Drackey “violates principles of objectivity and impartiality” and shows “no respect for human dignity.” It calls on HAAC to lift the ban imposed on 19 February.

At issue is that the journalist’s stories seem to have been too acerbic about “des barons” and others close to those in power. Daniel Lawson-Drackey has been one of the pioneers of the private, independent press and was for four years the director of the Maison de la presse which sought to improve journalistic standards in the country.