WiMAX mobile TV platform gains momentum

Technology & Convergence

Careworn kit maker Alcatel-Lucent has become the second vendor to sign up for a WiMAX-based mobile TV platform from NextWave Wireless this week. Under the agreement, Alcatel-Lucent will integrate NextWave's MXtv technology into its WiMAX portfolio, based on the 802.16e-2005 (Rev-e) standard. The two companies plan to perform a series of interoperability tests with Alcatel-Lucent's commercial WiMAX infrastructure starting in the second quarter.

Wireless broadband player turned kit maker NextWave took the wraps off the mobile TV platform for WiMAX technology on Monday. The company has put last year's acquisition of UMTS-TDD kit supplier IPWireless to good use, basing the MXtv offering on IPWireless' own TDtv platform. Chinese vendor Huawei was the first company to announce a joint development agreement to integrate the MXtv technology into its own WiMAX networking kit.

MXtv is a mobile multicast and broadcast technology that enables WiMAX operators to deliver rich and personalised multimedia services including mobile TV, interactive media, and digital audio. NextWave said that macro-diversity technology is used to improve the broadcast performance over the WiMAX channel.