African Winner of the 2008 Tiburon International Film Festival


The Tiburon International Film Festival awarded Best Film to The Yellow House, directed by Amor Hakkar ofAlgeria. In the arid landscape of Algeria's Aurès mountains, Mouloud and Fatima are farmers whose son was recently killed in an ambush. In the middle of the night, Mouloud gets on his makeshift tractor and travels more than 100 kilometres to bring his son's body home. When he returns, Fatima is already plunged into debilitating grief. With help from his daughters, Mouloud (played by director Amor Hakkar) is determined to elicit the hint of a smile from his wife's forlorn face.

Inspired by the emotions he felt while mourning the death of his own father, Amor Hakkar travelled to the Berber mountains and worked with non-professional actors, surrounded by a majestic landscape never before captured on film. In the cinematic virginity of those mountains, the film becomes a controlled and compassionate look at life's continuity despite the most horrific of miseries -- Mouloud tries everything to bring a smile to Fatima's face, refusing to give up.